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Company Newsletter
Quarter 2 | 2023

Quarterly Recap!

We have a new message from roer president and ceo, jim roers!

each quarter, someone from leadership will be giving us a quick recap on all things that have happened and are upcoming.

Stay tuned!

TOP 5: Updates from Q2

1. Newman Center Townhomes are complete

Project Manager, Alex Rubick, was excited to reach a huge milestone by finishing the final project of the Newman Center Block.

“Receiving our Certificate of Occupancy on May 30th, the Newman Townhomes are the final installment of the Newman Block development project. This project is a 2 story, single family 7-plex townhome. The first floor has attached an attached garage facing (west) The View Apartments and The St. Paul Newman Center.” 

2. Medora Wildhorse comes to completion

Roers started moving dirt for the Medora Wildhorse Apartments on August 2, 2022.  And in just 10 months to the day, we completed the project with substantial completion and certificate of occupancy on June 2, 2023. 

Every project has its own challenges, and the Wildhorse Apartments had several.  Our framing sub-contractor had to battle the extremely cold weather, and record snowfalls we had in the months of November – January.  We experienced delays in some electrical switch gear, that did delay getting full power to the building, but did work out in the end.  We had delays on our elevator for this project, as it was supposed to be installed in early April of 2022, but was delayed until early in May.  Otis, our elevator contractor worked overtime to get the elevator installed in just 8 days.  Another challenge was the delivery and installation of the owner supplied keyless entry locks for this project.  The manufacture of the keyless entry locks needed to install the locks in order to issue a warranty for the locks, but the owner did work out a deal with the manufacturer to have their own staff install the locks, avoiding a long-drawn-out installation process. 

All in all, this project ended out to be a very nice facility for the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.  This is the first apartment complex ever for Medora.  The new Wild Horse Place apartments was a much-needed project as housing in Medora is very hard to come by.  As of the ribbon cutting ceremony on June 24, 2022, they only had one unit left to officially rent out.  TRMF has long range plans to construct another apartment complex and some townhomes in the future to deal with the growth in the Medora community.  In addition, TRMF has long range plans for several other projects in the coming years, like a new rodeo arena complex, maintenance facility, wedding venue and a shooting range.  TRMF is interested in working directly with Roers as these other projects progress and develop.  Medora is a unique place to do work with its ruggedness beauty, it is truly North Dakota’s greatest hidden secret.

3. RPMR: 100% occupancy!

An update from Lindsey O’Driscoll

The Fargo team is sitting 100% full and are excited to gear up for our big turnover season. The Dickinson team has been rocking it with leases and hit 90% at all properties this summer. We are continuing to give all the residents a premiere experience and excited for the college students to come back.

4.Roers Employee Picnic

Our annual Roers employee picnic was a huge success! We enjoyed having our team and their families all get together for an evening of baseball and food.

With over 200 Roers employees and their guests RSVPd to attend our company picnic at the Newman Outdoor Field for some family fun. We had multiple employees participate in various events on the field.

We love the opportunity to get together as a company and can’t wait for the next event!

5. Honduran & Ukrainian Team Members Incoming

We are very fortunate to have a lot of work already lined up and still more coming in.  We recognized the manpower shortage and so we have been working to bring in some very talented help from Ukraine.  We have been working on this since March with hopes of seeing our newest employees to arrive very soon.  We are very excited for them to arrive and go to work.  We know they are also very excited for this new challenge and chapter in their lives.  We will welcome them with open arms, and we invite all of our friend and employees to do the same!  We look forward to them growing with Roers and to be here for years to come.  We will soon be able to introduce all of you to our 12 newest Roers employees!



Don’t forget to check out the 2022 Annual Award Winners and Years of Service recognition!

Videos for the award winners can be found here.

Scroll down to view Q2 award winners or click HERE to nominate a quarterly award winner for Q3.


October (TBD)

Halloween Party partnering with United Way Comittee

December 8th

Christmas Party

paid holidays

September 4th

November 23rd & 24th

December 25th


Roers employees have the opportunity to refer a potential employee in return for $500, depending on how long they work at Roers. To make a referral, please complete this form and return it, along with a copy of the prospective candidate’s resume, application, or both, to the Human Resources department.

You are eligible for a referral award only when you refer external candidates.

A list of current open positions can be found here.

in the community

wellness committee

The purpose of the Wellness Committee at Roers is to provide our employees education, activities and events related to their personal wellness.  The committee focuses efforts on physical, mental and emotional health.  Some of the areas of focus include:  on-going wellness initiatives, disease prevention, substance usage, weight management, and stress related causes and outcomes. 

Give & Grow

Roers is proud to be an active part of the communities in which our employees live and work. We believe in building success and strive to make the community and our company competitive and vibrant through giving back and giving often, to both our community and our employees. 

Safety Snippet

Safety Manager, Mack Buck, has been working hard to keep employees informed on how to stay safe in the fields, and here is a quarterly safety update that can be informational for all employees!

employee spotlight

new hires

Todd Atman

roers west



Bryan Dowdy

property management


maintenance technician

Casey Kroll

roers construction


shop mechanic

Brendan Maasjo

roers construction


construction intern

Benjamin Wirth

roers management


hr intern

Cade Thorup

roers construction


construction laborer

Stephen Zapata

roers west


construction laborer II

Caden Opheim

roers construction


concrete laborer

Ethan Aune

roers construction


construction laborer

years of service

Robert Kuntz

roers construction


20 years with roers

Brooks Duren

roers west


5 years with roers

Dalton Olson

roers construction


5 years with roers

Justin Barta

roers construction


5 years with roers

Employee interview

Lindsey O'Driscoll

General Manager


get to know her:

1. Introduce yourself (Name, Title, and Length of Time with Roers):

-Lindsey O’Driscoll (aka Lindsey O). I’m the General Manager for Roers Property Management and I’ve been here for 5.5 years.

2. What does a day in your role entail?

-What DON’T I do? Kidding! I train employees, host. andattend plenty of meetings, vendor coordination, audit files, communicate with residents, host events on properties and more. 

3. What is your favorite core value and why?

-Opportunity: Roers has given me so many different opportunities over the years to get involved in the community and how to become an effective leader

4. What is a fun fact about you outside of work?

-I’m a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. 

5. Last but not least, what is your favorite part of your position or working for Roers?

-I love being able to work with residents and help them find a new home. As well as being able to lead a team and learn something new every day!

Q2 peer recognition award winners

Jason Creager

property management


maintenance technicial

Above and beyond more than once! Upon a new hire situation, Jason organized the paperwork for the new employee and was the main point of contact for information that was not included or still needed to create the employee in our system. He was prompt in answering back to emails understanding exactly what was needed. He also helped with a payroll situation for the same new employee, had he not been in Fargo (which was a blessing) the employee would not have received his check until later in the week due to a direct deposit issue. Jason's response was always, "Thank you," my response to Jason is no, "Thank you," for going above and beyond to help another member of your team!

Shelby Barta

property management


Leasing agents

Shelby is an employee who keeps safety on her mind. She volunteers to keep the minutes for the RPM safety committee and used her quick-wits at our most recent meeting when the network was down by getting us connected via facetime. She turns is near-misses, even though they are harder to come by in her position than in the construction side of the company.

Karen Tovar

Roers Construction


administrative Assistant

Karen, has really stepped it up this year working with our H2B employees. Not only does she pick them up for work and drive them home at the end of each day, but she also has been working alongside them in the field to help communicate better with their supervisors. Karen also spends her evenings and weekends many times providing a good experience for the H2B guys. She takes them grocery shopping, takes them downtown on the weekend, has meals with them, and really has shown them what Roers is all about. Thank you for everything Karen!

Mack Buck

roers management


safety manager

Mack worked hard to provide a different approach to safety training/development by arranging a speaker to present to most employees at a construction site. This provided a required training in a unique manner and allowed employees to visit a construction site. I think Mack now ahs a new respect for others that have to arange events as part of their role at Roers. There is a lot of behind the scenes arranging of logistics. Nice job!

ring the bell

If you heard some cow bell ringing lately, it is because of the celebration of new business roers has recently been awarded.

Grand Pacific Center Egress Stairs

Bismarck, ND

BSC Polytechnic Building

Bismarck, ND

carpentry & Gypsum Assb Goosneck

Dickinson, ND

Noodles & Company Tenany Fit-up

Williston, ND

Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Fargo, ND

beyond boundaries

Fargo, ND


Fargo, ND

Lashkowitz Riverfront

Fargo, ND


Check out how our employees have been living out our core values at work!


believe all possibilities are endless.


do the right thing.


keep learning


providing premier service.


give back & give often.


trust that long-term relationships matter.

Scott & Lisa and the HR team have spent numerous hours on a new HR system. The system presented numerous issues for the company and therefore the decision was made to go back to the previous system. There hard work is much appreciated and the hard decision comes with a great deal of “respect “and we have the “opportunity” to find what will work best for the company in the future.
Matt Thomas is always helping every PM, Super, Admin etc with questions/issues that arise. He is very much a team player and helps everyone out all the time.
The employee picnic was one of the largest turnouts Roers has had to date. It was a beautiful night at the Redhawks baseball game for employees and families. A HUGE thank you to Brenna Lachowitzer for all of the behind the scenes planning and details so this fun event ran smoothly and enjoyable!
Kristi Zawodny is very community focused and brought up the idea of participating in the Dickinson 4th of July Parade. This was a great opportunity for our employees to share in the community celebration. Ivy Pokorny and Jenna Abraham took the lead to get everything organized. The parade was a HUGE turnout and a great time for the employees that participated! Thank you!
I would like to choose Jared DeLaurier. I had an important meeting to communicate with the field guys at the YWCA. It was an impromptu meeting so there was no time for an interpreter for Justin Barta. As I was talking Jared was signing to Justin to make sure he understood what I was saying. I stopped and asked Jared and Justin if Justin was understanding and they both said yes. I think it’s remarkable that Jared cares enough to communicate with his co-worker that he has made a priority to learn sign language. Pretty impressive.

Stay tuned for next quarter's newsletter!

Wellness News!

“I don’t have time to exercise.” Does this sound like you?

We all have barriers that keep us from reaping the benefits of exercise. In fact, two out of three Americans are not getting enough exercise.  Exercising 60-90 minutes a day can help you reach your goal weight and 30-60 minutes a day can help you maintain your healthy weight.

A few of the barriers that are the most common are no time, lack of support, no energy, no will power, lack the skill, or the lack of resources. Don’t let your excuses stop you. Cash in on the fun that physical activity can offer and the health benefits in return.

Exercising can help boost your confidence, ease depression, make you sleep better, have a sense of accomplishment, be fun, it helps you stay mentally sharp, lowers your blood pressure, and improves your overall mood. We often struggle with hurdling over our barriers to reach these benefits. There are simple changes in our daily routine that can help us move towards our physical goals.

Some suggestions while at work include taking a lunch break walk, change into exercise clothes before you leave work, stretch while at your desk, go to the furthest restroom, park further from the office, find a hotel with a fitness center if traveling, or bring healthy snacks to cut unhealthy munchies.

Suggestions while at home include exercising during commercial breaks, exercise with your kids or with your pets, ask a friend/partner to join you, find an evening activity you truly enjoy, or add music to your routine.

Roers wants you to celebrate your successes! Start small and step up your habits as you go. Who wouldn’t want to live longer, look better, and feel good?! Roers wants you to celebrate your successes and share with us! Email Brenna Lachowitzer at to be featured on the website. 😊