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Company Newsletter
Quarter 2 | 2024

NEW Branding Videos

Up next on our new branding video debut, we are featuring roers property management!

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TOP 5: Updates from Q2

1. sip & step 2024

May 6th – June 2nd we brought back Sip & Step. 

The Roers employee walking and water challenge returned for the 4th year. Employees volunteered to participate and were placed on teams that brought the east and west together. The goal of each team was to bring in the highest number of steps and the most ounces of water they could each week. 

Luckily for participants, our challenge fell over a time period where local 5k, 10k, and marathon events were held in their local areas. 

2. RCC: The metropolitan opens

The long awaited opening of the first portion of the newest addition to The Metropolitan has opened! RPMR and construction worked hard to get the final finishing touches on the building prior to receiving the certificate of occupancy on the project the day before welcoming our first round new residents.

The hard work from all parties involved has not gone unnoticed, and this is reflected once you take a look at our quarterly employee recognition winners. Keep reading through the newsletter to find out who won this quarter.

Pictures here, you can see the current model unit!

If you are in the FM area and looking for housing, don’t forget to check out The Metropolitan!

3. h2b employees return to fargo!

Last year, we partnered up with H2B to bring employees to North Dakota.

This year, we were lucky enough to welcome these employees to the area!

  • Yovanis Perez
  • Marlon Galvez
  • Erlin Ruiz
  • Jose Ruiz
  • Immer Zelaya
  • Hector Diaz
  • Olman Osorto
  • Evaristo Hernandez
  • Abel Ortiz
  • Marco Vasquez
  • Alexis Dias
  • Santos Esteban Garcia
  • Daniel Ruiz
  • Darwin Garcia
  • Reinaldo Alvarado
  • Victor Mejia
  • Walter Dubon
  • Olvin Ramos
  • Cristian Funes
  • Reiniery Centeno
  • Joshua Torres
  • Christian Torres
  • Cristofer Arteaga

4. website updates: New project map

Roers has been working hard behind the scenes updating our website with a new look, one page at a time. So far we have completed ABOUT US and WORK WITH ROERS.

With these updates, has come new tools and features to help us stand out within our scope of industries we work in.  Web pages are slowly being updated, and we are implementing new interactive tools! 

This quarter, we finally made our interactive project map go LIVE! 

Click the link HERE to check out this new feature. 

5. Roers Employee picnic

This year, we decided to stay close to “home” for our annual employee picnic. We organized a picnic in the Roers back lot for employees and their families to attend! This year’s entertainment consisted of bounce houses and yard games. Concordia Catering brought in pulled pork and hot dogs. We also brought in another local vendor called the Ice Shack

It was a great evening full of friendly competition, bounce house adventure fun for the kids (and even some adults), food and treats. 

We can’t wait for next year!



Scroll down to view Q2 award winners or click HERE to nominate a quarterly award winner for Q3.


employee celebrations


Holiday Party:
Friday, December 6th

paid holidays

Monday 05/27

Thursday 07/04

Monday 09/02

Thursday 11/28 & Friday 11/29

Tuesday 12/24 & Wednesday 12/25

UPDATED: employee
referral Program

Roers employees have the opportunity to refer a potential employee in return for $$$.

To make a referral, please head to the Employee Referral Program page, and return the completed form, and a copy of the prospective candidate’s resume, application, or both, to the Human Resources department.

You are eligible for a referral award only when you refer external candidates.

A list of current open positions can be found here.

in the community

wellness committee

The purpose of the Wellness Committee at Roers is to provide our employees education, activities and events related to their personal wellness.  The committee focuses efforts on physical, mental and emotional health.  Some of the areas of focus include:  on-going wellness initiatives, disease prevention, substance usage, weight management, and stress related causes and outcomes. 

New this past quarter! We have included a wellness focused blog and named it Healthy Habits! Check out the Wellness Hub today to see the latest blog post.

Give & Grow

Roers is proud to be an active part of the communities in which our employees live and work. We believe in building success and strive to make the community and our company competitive and vibrant through giving back and giving often, to both our community and our employees. 

employee spotlight

new hires

Dakotah Kapel

roers property management


leasing specialist

Codi O'Driscoll

roers property management


leasing specialist

Xavier Tovias

roers property management


leasing specialist

Brandon Ireland

roers property management


leasing specialist

Manuel Guillen

roers construction


construction laborer

Amanda Perry-Morris

roers construction


construction laborer

Bryce Kadrmas

roers west


construction laborer

Kamden Kooiman

roers west


construction laborer

Logan Thomas

roers west


Construction laborer

Robert Shell Track

roers west


carpenter i


roers west


carpenter ii

years of service

Clyde Trautmann

roers property management


20 years with roers

Sean Meyer

roers construction


5 years with roers

Carley Lazic

Roers Property Management


5 years with roers

Employee interview

Matt Thomas

senior estimator/ Project Manager

roers west

get to know him:

1. Introduce yourself (Name, Title, and Length of Time with Roers):

  • Matt Thomas, Senior Estimator/Project Manager. Been with Roers for 9 years 2 months.

2. What does a day in your role entail?

  • A day in the life of Matt at Roers West entails, Reviewing builders exchanges for future projects to bid. Discussing with Shane future projects to bid or certain aspects of the projects we are bidding. Doing takeoffs for the projects we are bidding. Turning in bids, reviewing specifications and plans for questions to the design teams. Reviewing CMAR RFP’s. Working with other PM’s on details about ongoing projects and many other tasks needed to keep the office running smoothly.

3. What is your favorite core value and why?

  • I would have to say expertise. I feel like Roers as a company has the expertise to do any project put in front of us. The teams we have built throughout the company continue to impress at all phases.

4. What is a fun fact about you outside of work?

  • I have really taken up to running/fitness in the last year or so. I even completed my first half marathon in June.

5. Last but not least, what is your favorite part of your position or working for Roers?

  • My favorite part of my position with Roers is the people. The coworkers here have been great to work with. Being able to review all sorts of new projects and bids has been very refreshing as well.

Q2 peer recognition award winners

Lindsey O'Driscoll

roers property management



Being able to keep things organized in a hectic 18 months of a project is what Lindsey O has accomplished. Between new hires coming and going, training, turnover, and helping with the managing of opening a new property, she has grown in her role and has become a great leader. Kudos to Lindsey for taking the right path when property issues arise, difficult tenant communications are needed or project deadlines are changed. When The Metropolitan was opening, Lindsey was swamped and likely overwhelmed, but when residents arrived on opening day, they would never have known. She was professional and made each one of them feel welcome. When issues arose in a few units after move in, she calmly listened to each and ensured everything would be taken care of.


Roers Construction



I want to nominate Dalton as he is truly a hard worker. He works well with RPMR. Working with him on The Metropolitan has made it so smooth. He listens to our crazy ideas and needs of the building. He faces every issue head on and is doing a great job with the team at The Metropolitan. I am grateful to be working along side of him during this building opening.


roers construction



Jeff does an excellent job of keeping jobsites safe. He is not afraid to go after subcontractors that may not be following the safety policies, and give them a little "on-the-job training". He is an advocate and a poster-boy for PPE. See Picture Attached. Jeff was nominated by the RCC safety committee.


roers construction



Caden is a great worker on tasks and jobs assigned. He takes responsibility of the job at hand, is always willing to ask questions and learn, and he's always on time.


rCC & RW



Field personnel are called on to make sacrifices. We expect our crews to work in all conditions: rain, snow, heat, extreme cold. They work long hours, from one project to the next, no matter the circumstances. You could say they are more reliable than the US mail. "Neither Rain Nor Steel Or Snow Will Detour Us From The Swift Completion Of Our Project."

ring the bell

If you heard some cow bell ringing lately, it is because of the celebration of new business roers has recently been awarded.

Parshall Rural Ambulance

Parshall, ND

ND Association for the disabled

Dickinson, ND

West River Community Center

Dickinson, ND

Demores Elementary addition/remodel

Medora, ND

NDSU Feed Mill Addition

Fargo, ND

City of west fargo sidewalk improvements

West Fargo, ND

Yunker Farm dog park improvements

Fargo, ND


Check out how our employees have been living out our core values at work!


believe all possibilities are endless.


do the right thing.


keep learning


providing premier service.


give back & give often.


trust that long-term relationships matter.

Alexia- she is for opportunity she has really taken on more tasks on the RPMR side of things. Always asking for more and ways to improve. She has taken a great lead on the Dickinson team and the chance to work in Fargo for leasing has been a great opportunity for her to jump into!
Mataya has taken on a significant amount of workload and responsibility with the day-to-day accounting of so many of Roers main operating entities, along with all of Roers investment entities as well as 3rd party properties managed over the past year. Mataya has shown great passion to learn and grow within her own knowledge and skill set, but also taken it upon herself to make sure that the accounting and support is there for the operational teams if they have any questions or need assistance. Mataya has provided myself with a significant amount of comfort in training and teaching me the property management side, as well as the trust that I can instill in her to get the job done and done correctly. She is a great asset to the accounting team, property management team, and the entire entity as a whole.
You would think that Dickie has his PPE glued into position, as they are always on. He has been seen speaking safety to his coworkers and speaks up when hazards are present. It's truly a victory when an employee puts thought into safety instead of being complacent like Dickie does.
Matt has continued to strengthen himself. He recently took the opportunity to run and experience the Deadwood Half Marathon in June. GO Matt! We are cheering you on!
Community for Heidi! She is going above and beyond with give and grow and is participating in a United way volunteer group
The Fargo Shop Crew have been a huge help to the marketing team when we have random requests! Some examples are - they pick up big print job orders for us, help get banners on trailers and then on the job site, build sign frames and many other projects. We appreciate their help when we have random (and sometimes urgent) requests!

Stay tuned for next quarter's newsletter!