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Safety Snippet

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June: National Safety Month

OSHA requires safety training on an annual basis for all employees. This year, Roers Safety Manager, Mack Buck, partnered up with the marketing team to bring an opportunity to complete this training through a Safety Lunch & Learn in Fargo.

Our safety lunch and learn brought our employees together, from all departments, to focus our attention on safety in recognition of National Safety Month. It is important to recognize that this company is one united group growing together towards greatness. Safety is one goal that we must keep in mind while moving forward together, and this presentation was aimed at keeping safety as part of our culture.

At a temperature of 96F, 78 (official number of employees) attendees enjoyed lunch and conversation as well as participation in the seminar. Jennifer Erickson from OECS was the presenter, and she covered the subject of “risk management” which covers the purpose of the company’s safety program, management/employee responsibility, general safety rules and procedures, identifying and controlling workplace hazards, accident reporting and investigation, and enforcement.

The topics covered were intended to help employees become aware that their action not only affect their health, but also the wellbeing of their coworkers at work and families at home. Through this training we uncovered ideas and thought processes to help identify risks and hazards associated with our daily job tasks.

We enjoyed having most of our company in one place to do a presentation like this and we are looking for new safety-oriented ideas to bring to our employees for our next gathering, all suggestions are welcome.

Mack Buck

Safety Manager