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Safety Snippet

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Incident Rate Update

Last quarter we talked about why we participate in WSI incentive programs, this quarter I would like to talk a little about how to prevent an jury at work and at home.

Complacency and lack of focus are the main causes of injuries both at home and in the workplace. Many times, we have many thoughts running through our minds while we try to complete a task and that takes away our concentration on the dangers of what we are doing.  I found myself in this position recently when working on a project at home, I am building some outdoor flower beds that my wife wants. I was in my garage cutting lumber for the project and trying to figure out some angles. I got the angles set and just walked over to my miter saw and began cutting the pieces when a piece of wood flew up striking me in the cheek, I stopped what I was doing because I realized I did not have my safety glasses on. All I could think was I could have lost my eye and how would I explain that to everyone at work considering my position. I was focused on getting the task done and did not think about my safety glasses, I was lucky this time, but the next time may be different. I often preach to everyone about 4 seconds to safety, simply take a few seconds before you begin a task and ask yourself how I can get hurt doing this. Once you identify the risk you can avoid the danger and complete the task safely. I did not follow my own advice and it could have turned out way worse, I was lucky! Please do not rely on luck to keep you safe, stay focused on the task at hand and plan to not get injured.

Roers Construction Company LLC

Incidents: 18 Recordable Injuries: 4

Incidents: 0

Incidents: 0

  1. Burn due to heater explosion.
  2. Puncture caused by nail gun.
  3. Facture caused by truss crushing foot.
  4. Foreight body to eye – sliver of steel.

Roers West LLC

Nothing to report.

Roers Property Management

Nothing to report.

Thank you to everyone for all that you do to improve safety in our company! Let’s continue to strive for zero injuries and together we can make zero happen!

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