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Company Newsletter
Quarter 4 | 2023

Quarterly Recap!

This quarter we are featuring roers construction team from the east and the west to talk about how 2023 went and what they are looking forward to in 2024!

TOP 5: Updates from Q4

1. ACM & Holiday Party Recap

To finish off a successful 2023, Roers hosted an All Company Meeting the same day as our holiday party. We had a great afternoon filling the entire company in on all happenings across divisions. We heard from all of leadership regarding where we are with construction updates, property management, the new Metropolitan, and some new development items!
We then followed that with a fun evening at the holiday party! Great food, a hypnotist, games and prizes galore! The theme this year was “Christmas Movies” and employees were encouraged to dress in theme! Characters from popular christmas movies were all over our party with a couple costume contest winners.
It’s always so fun getting employees from all over the state together for a day of Roers team bonding.

2. RCC: Milton Earl Receives co

The Milton Earl Apartments will create an affordable downtown living community for seniors within close proximity to medical services, recreation, dining, banking, and more. An L-shaped floor plan provides 3 stories of residential living for 42 residents and wraps around a roof-top patio located above a grade-level indoor parking garage. A community room with views to the beautiful Sanctuary Event Center is situated along 4th Avenue and 7th Street, where seniors can watch street-side passersby.
Although we are still putting finishing touches on the building, we are so excited for the future of downtown Fargo. 

3. RW: Burning Hills Amphitheatre Elevator Access Project Wins NDRM & CPA Gold Star Award

The Medora Elevator was one of Roers most unique projects, completed in the spring of 2022. The goal of the elevator was to improve accessibility of the amphitheater and make it easier for anyone to attend a musical or another event. 

” The project, recognized as the top project in the Commercial Category, was presented with the award at the NDRM&CPA 58th Annual Convention in Dickinson, ND on Thursday, January 11, 2024.”.


To read more about this award received, check out our most recent BLOG.

4. RPM: The metropolitan look & feel

As seen at the 2023 All Company Meeting, the look and feel of the new addition of The Metroplitan can be seen here. The addition will consist of 150+ new upscale apartment units plus great amenities including a clubhouse, a 2-story fitness center with a relaxation room, an indoor kids play area, and more!

The first phase is set to open June 2024, amenity spaces by July, and phase II is set to open by August. 

5. Rick's Retirement

After 45 years of helping Roers build success, VP of Field Operations, Rick Roers, retired December 2023. Of course we couldn’t let him go without throwing him a party to celebrate all of his past successes and help get him ready to enjoy retirement.

We hosted a couple hundred of his close family, friends, acquaintances, past coworkers and more. Every person in attendance was there to celebrate Rick. Opportunity was given to speak on experiences with him and so many great stories were told.

Thanks again, Rick! Enjoy retirement! 



Don’t forget to check out the 2023 Annual Award Winners and Years of Service recognition!

Videos for the award winners can be found here.

Scroll down to view Q4 award winners or click HERE to nominate a quarterly award winner for Q1.


employee celebrations

Employee Picnic:
Thursday, June 13th

Holiday Party:
Friday, December 6th*


paid holidays

Monday 05/27

Thursday 07/04

Monday 09/02

Thursday 11/28 & Friday 11/29

Tuesday 12/24 & Wednesday 12/25


Roers employees have the opportunity to refer a potential employee in return for $500, depending on how long they work at Roers. To make a referral, please complete this form and return it, along with a copy of the prospective candidate’s resume, application, or both, to the Human Resources department.

You are eligible for a referral award only when you refer external candidates.

A list of current open positions can be found here.

in the community

wellness committee

The purpose of the Wellness Committee at Roers is to provide our employees education, activities and events related to their personal wellness.  The committee focuses efforts on physical, mental and emotional health.  Some of the areas of focus include:  on-going wellness initiatives, disease prevention, substance usage, weight management, and stress related causes and outcomes. 

Give & Grow

Roers is proud to be an active part of the communities in which our employees live and work. We believe in building success and strive to make the community and our company competitive and vibrant through giving back and giving often, to both our community and our employees. 

Safety Snippet

Safety Manager, Mack Buck, has been working hard to keep employees informed on how to stay safe in the fields, and here is a quarterly safety update that can be informational for all employees!

No new update for Q4 so you can check out Q2 again!

employee spotlight

new hires

Yarick Riazanov

roers construction


construction laborer ii

Hlib Zahrebnyi

roers construction


construction laborer II

Karla Murillo

property management


leasing agent

Robert Nihill

roers west


construction laborer II

Andrii Khemych

roers construction


construction laborer II

Christopher Partlow

roers west


Carpenter II

Viacheslav Fedorets

roers construction


construction laborer ii

Yurii Haidamaka

roers construction


construction laborer ii

Tony Alameda

property management


maintenance technician

Darron Bible

property Management


maintenance technician

years of service

Darin Horner

roers construction


5 years with roers

David Wood

roers construction


5 years with roers

Heidi Knutson

roers management


5 years with roers

Employee interview

Jenna Abraham

marketing property specialist

roers management

get to know her:

1. Introduce yourself (Name, Title, and Length of Time with Roers):

-My name is Jenna Abraham and I am the Marketing Property Specialist for Fargo and Dickinson for the residential properties. I will be working for Roers a year in March!

2. What does a day in your role entail?

  1. Working with leasing team on vacancies such as advertising them online via social media and Google
  2. planning, organizing and executing events/giveaways for the properties in Fargo and Dickinson
  3. Managing Fargo and Dickinson’s Facebook and Instagram

3. What is your favorite core value and why?

– I would say Opportunity right now. With the changes coming up with the residential properties in Fargo, there is always something new to learn and be apart of.

4. What is a fun fact about you outside of work?

– I enjoy reading, last year I read 71 books! I also enjoy spending time with my family, friends and my dog.

5. Last but not least, what is your favorite part of your position or working for Roers?

– The ability to work with people from different areas of the company! I also enjoy when the events at the properties are very successful, and we receive good feedback from the residents about them. 

Q4 peer recognition award winners

Brian Bjerklie

Roers Construction



This employee has had Roers' back for more than a decade. You will never catch Brian not wearing his hi-vis clothing on-site, which says he goes above and beyond the required PPE policy that Roers has in place. Brian has been the guard rail installer for years on our big projects, and you. can always count on them to be up to code without rechecking his work. There is no telling how many lives he has saved over the years due to his consistent safety rail installation. He. is certainly not afraid to speak up on safety issues or any others for that matter.

Rick Roers

Roers Construction


vp of field operations

There were 45 years worth of reasons at Ricks retirement party. Rick truly cares about Roers and the people he works with. He is working tirelessly towards a smooth transition. Rick is going to be the man in charge until the day he leaves, continuing to provide insight and guidance to team members on projects that will continue long after his last day . For Anyone that works with Rick it is obvious to see he is far from checked out. He is passionate about what is going on with the projects , still provides his input , he is stern when needs to be and smooths things over when he's done. He commands attention wherever he goes. A few commonalities in all of the stories about Rick was, his ability to get things done and motivate you to do it, he doesn't hold a grudge, and Everyone respects him. It was Humbling to see the young and old that came to pay their respects to such a long, loyal career.

Chris Young

roers west


carpenter I

Chris has been working with the Choppa brothers and having to figure out a lot of stuff on his own because I am busy on other jobs. He has been helping to transport the Choppa brothers around and to mentor them as well. He is willing to help out and teach and do what is needed to help complete jobs.

Devon Struve

Roers West


construction laborer I

Devon is one of the guys in the field that can be trusted to make things happen on the fly. He is always willing to come in early or stay late to ensure that the job can either get wrapped up or go on the next day as smoothly as possible. He can be reached on a weekend to lend a hand if needed as well. He is one of the guys that is always there. He can step into any task with any of the other field guys and it's like he's been there the whole day or week. He fits in anywhere.

ring the bell

If you heard some cow bell ringing lately, it is because of the celebration of new business roers has recently been awarded.

about smiles dental

Fargo, ND

SGC remodel

Fargo, ND

jeremiah program office remodel

Fargo, ND

NDSU Central Grasslands

Streeter, ND

Century View Apartments

Bismarck, ND

Scheel's Exterior Remodel (KA Carpentry)

Bismarck, ND

Western state Bank

Devil’s Lake, ND


Check out how our employees have been living out our core values at work!


believe all possibilities are endless.


do the right thing.


keep learning


providing premier service.


give back & give often.


trust that long-term relationships matter.

Jason has been a tremendous asset to the property management team in more areas than just Dickinson. He has taken on commercial space on the other side of the state when needed, fulfilled all maintenance requests in a timely manner serving our residents, all while having a good attitude. His problem solving skills and reliability have been crucial in our ability as a team to successfully complete work with minimal direction needed.
Mataya has taken on a significant amount of workload and responsibility with the day-to-day accounting of so many of Roers main operating entities, along with all of Roers investment entities as well as 3rd party properties managed over the past year. Mataya has shown great passion to learn and grow within her own knowledge and skill set, but also taken it upon herself to make sure that the accounting and support is there for the operational teams if they have any questions or need assistance. Mataya has provided myself with a significant amount of comfort in training and teaching me the property management side, as well as the trust that I can instill in her to get the job done and done correctly. She is a great asset to the accounting team, property management team, and the entire entity as a whole.
You would think that Dickie has his PPE glued into position, as they are always on. He has been seen speaking safety to his coworkers and speaks up when hazards are present. It's truly a victory when an employee puts thought into safety instead of being complacent like Dickie does.
Lois has taught me so many opportunities to learn throughout the construction side of Roers. The knowledge that she holds and to teach others about it is remarkable. There are days that I am in awe because it's the little things she knows that most people do not think of. She is patient, sweet, and a beautiful person through and through. Without her, I do not think I would not know much about the Construction side of Roers and all the paperwork that is needed! She is always teaching me to do the right thing, not only with my work but with some other parts of life. If you do not know Lois, then you need to. She is truly a remarkable woman. Without Lois, I would not have grown to who I am within Roers. Plus, who doesn't enjoy her sense of humor?!
Last week Micah found that one of the local churches were up for sale and he had some friends that attended that church so he made some calls to make a connection. With that connection he got an opportunity to line up a meeting with the church leadership to better understand what their future plans were. He go us on a call with the leadership only to find that they own land for their future home, they are financially strong and they are looking to partner with a team like Roers. The meeting was great and we hope that this can be a future project we can land! Great work Micah!
Ivy is always willing to lend a hand. If anyone needs anything, she is right there to help. She will step in and help on any random task and Ivy helps build a stronger team in the Roers West office. She takes on any and all accounting question or task without hesitation even if she does not know how to solve the problem. She will find a way to get the answers. She is also a watchdog for financial issues or discrepancies and also help deflect certain situations such as sales people walking in the door. She does a great job in all that she does. I never get attitude or pushback from Ivy. Thank you Ivy!

Stay tuned for next quarter's newsletter!