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Roers has been involved with real estate transactions for over 30 years. From owning a national franchise for years, to starting our own Roers Real Estate services we have years of experience and expertise to help our clients be successful.

We know the commercial and residential market. Our Real Estate experts have the experience and compassion for finding the best opportunities for you whether looking for a new home for your family, downsizing as you near retirement, expanding your business or the excitement of starting a new business venture. The Roers Real Estate Team is here to help make your dream a reality!

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We want to take care of you! That’s why we’ve put a team in place that can deliver just that.


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We offer  45+ years of  expertise for all types of real estate transactions.

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From concept to completion, Roers is building success & stronger communities.

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We partner with land developers to help develop, design, build and sell real estate throughout North Dakota. Our Crestwood Condos Project is one example where we were able to provide housing for clients who were looking for low maintenance living. 

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Anne Kallhoff

Anne Kallhoff has been in the real estate business in the Fargo Moorhead area for 12+ years. Anne focuses on commercial and real estate transactions for Roers.

Anne is originally from Appleton, MN and is very active in the community volunteering with the Moorhead Youth Hockey Association, Good Shephard Church and various United Way programs including the Backpack Drive, 35 under 35 and, of course, the Roers Keller Williams Chili Feed. She keeps busy watching her three kids play hockey and baseball and enjoys gardening. Her family has over 30 chickens so if you are looking for farm fresh eggs, she can set you up.  Her sons sell the eggs to help pay for hockey sticks!

What is one word that describes you?

I asked my son and he said, mom :)   I would say persistent.

What is your favorite thing about helping find someone a new home?

I love finding someone a home that they didn’t know was what they wanted. Like when you are showing homes and none of them are just right. Then I bring them to one that based on what they have been saying I think would work and they love it. Finding the perfect home for someone is like finding the perfect pair of jeans that fit just right.

What has been your favorite real estate transaction?

O gosh, there have been so many interesting ones. My favorite would probably be my own home because we found the perfect piece of property that we had been looking for 5 plus years.

Why do you love being part of the Roers team?

At Roers, I appreciate that everyone has a role and every role is important.

If you could own a piece of real estate anywhere, where would it be?

Probably Alaska or Mexico before they were really developed.  So, I could keep a little piece, sell the rest, and buy more somewhere else. 

Shannon Roers Jones

Shannon Roers Jones is an attorney, legislator, real estate broker, a firefighter’s wife, and mother to three girls.  Shannon serves as the real estate broker for Roers and works with the Roers Foundation on charitable giving in the community.  She values strengthening our community by volunteering with the United Way, Churches United for the Homeless, Holy Cross Catholic Church, and The Jeremiah Program. She also serves on the board of directors for The F5 Project and the NDSU Research and Technology Park.

Shannon was elected to the ND State House of Representatives since 2016, where she is proudest of pushing for criminal justice reform and successfully repealing the Blue Laws so that North Dakotans can shop on Sunday mornings.

What is one word that describes you?


What has been your favorite real estate transaction?

Our sister company is currently constructing a re-development near NDSU.  I enjoyed the process from the puzzle of assembling the land and purchases, to seeing the designs for the new buildings, and finally to the current construction process.

What is your favorite thing about being a broker?

I enjoy mentoring agents and walking through solutions to problems.

What is your favorite core value at Roers?

Community.  We help people find homes and build businesses so that they can lead fulfilling lives.  I help run the Roers Foundation which gives back to a number of local charities, serve on a few association boards, am active in my kid’s school activities, and also hold elected office representing my area of Fargo in the state legislature.  It is important that our careers are part of something bigger and help as many people as we can.

Why do you love being part of the Roers team?

It is a family business, which brings its own challenges and opportunities.  We care for each other and want to make it a positive environment where everyone can develop their own talents.

If you could own a piece of real estate anywhere, where would it be?

Somewhere warm.

Jim Roers

Jim Roers began his company by remodeling and building homes in 1976 and grew that business to include commercial construction, development, real estate, and property management.  Finding the perfect piece of land to develop into a neighborhood where people want to raise their families, is a great feeling.  Jim prides himself on giving back and making the community stronger by sharing his talent, time, and treasures to numerous non-profits.

What is one word that describes you?


What has been your favorite real estate transaction?

There has been so many over the years but putting together the Stop and Go Center in North Fargo was one of my favorites.

Why do you love being part of the Roers team?

This began as a family business and I have always valued the family environment that we cultivate.  We work together to accomplish one goal, and everyone does their part.

What is your favorite Core Value?


If you could own a piece of real estate anywhere, where would it be?

Hawaii because it would be very different than North Dakota.

Clyde Trautmann

Serving as the President of Roers Property Management-Commercial, Clyde builds success by managing the commercial property Roers owns, as well as properties for other owners, with a sense of pride and knowledge.  He didn’t happen upon this career, you might say Clyde was destined to be in property management!  His career began at 18 when he purchased his first apartment building.

Clyde graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Minnesota State University-Moorhead and continued working in the residential property management arena before focusing his career on the commercial side of property management.  Throughout his career he has achieved National Accreditation as a Certified Apartment Manager, a Certified Maintenance Technician, and a Real Estate Broker. 

In his spare time, he can be found sitting on a park bench while his wife, Jean, does some bird watching or spending time with grandchildren and bicycling.

What is one word that describes you?


What has been a favorite real estate transaction?

I would have to go back to my first duplex purchase in North Fargo back in my informative years.

What have been your  favorite thing about being a broker?

Helping the team being successful. Our team needed an broker and so I raised my hand and took the test to become licensed.

What is your favorite core value at Roers?

Partnership.  Relationships do indeed matter.  Regardless if a commercial tenant, vendor or co-worker.  Treat each with respect.  Relationships are for a life time, and your dealings with each person must be fair and laced with integrity.   

Why do you love being part of the Roers team?

The “Familia” feel. Being around coworkers feels like being around family supporting each other thru all processes.

If you could own a piece of real estate anywhere, where would it be?

Longboat Key, Florida