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Company Newsletter
Quarter 1 | 2024

NEW Branding Videos

Instead of a video topic for quarter one, we are showcasing all of our new branding videos created by chezy!

Here you'll see our ALL DIVISIONS video, but click the link below and it will bring you to the playlist with all videos.

TOP 5: Updates from Q1

1. ndsu sponsorship campaign

ROERS is proud to be the Official Off-Campus Sponsor of NDSU Athletics. We offer 5 different apartment complexes/townhomes within minutes of the NDSU campus, making us a great option for housing for students.
This year, we opted to do a photo contest. Those who wanted to take part in this would click the link, think of a fun caption for the photo shown below, and fill out some basic info on a form to enter them in to win $200!

The winner will be announced mid- April.

2. RCC: The metropolitan

The Metropolitan is staying on our radar as the opening date of each phase fast approaches! The first section of this new building is slated to open on June 1st, with the connecting portion of the building opening July 1st, and the final phase opens August 1st. 

RCC and RPMR have been working hard to ensure the process of getting Metro ready to go is seamless.

Did you know, the RPMR team already secured their first 10 leases for the new addition?!


3. RW: ND National Guard Readiness Center

Progress update from Project Manager, Jerry Schiff:

  • Exterior structural masonry is at about 40% complete.
  • We just started on the exterior brick work this week.
  • Next week we will be starting in roofing on the first part of the roof.
  • Most of the underground site utilities have been put in.
  • In about two weeks we will be starting on final site grading on the project site.
  • In about a month from now we will be starting on prep work for the parking lots around the site.
  • On the interior of the building, we are in the process of getting floor slabs poured on the north side of the building.
  • Electrical and mechanical has been working on setting equipment in the mechanical room and they are starting to run piping inside of the building that is ready.
We are so excited to see this project come to life. 

4. RPM: SGc renamed!

The time has come. You all know we’ve been working on the current demo and remodel of the first floor of what’s currently known as SGC Apartments (Stop-N-Go Center). Since Stop-N-Go is no longer, and we are revamping the space, Roers is taking advantage of the opportunity to rename this property. 

You’ll see some signage adjustments as the process continues on.

SGC will be renamed to 1919 Flats!

5. who needs some swag?

It’s time for a POP UP SHOP! Roers and CI Sport have worked to put together a fun pop up with spring and summer options. 

If you’re a golfer, you’re really going to want to check this one out!

Roers Shop Password:



Don’t forget to check out the 2023 Annual Award Winners and Years of Service recognition!

Videos for the award winners can be found here.

Scroll down to view Q1 award winners or click HERE to nominate a quarterly award winner for Q1.


employee celebrations

Employee Picnic:
Thursday, June 13th

Holiday Party:
Friday, December 6th*

paid holidays

Monday 05/27

Thursday 07/04

Monday 09/02

Thursday 11/28 & Friday 11/29

Tuesday 12/24 & Wednesday 12/25


Roers employees have the opportunity to refer a potential employee in return for $500, depending on how long they work at Roers. To make a referral, please complete this form and return it, along with a copy of the prospective candidate’s resume, application, or both, to the Human Resources department.

You are eligible for a referral award only when you refer external candidates.

A list of current open positions can be found here.

in the community

wellness committee

The purpose of the Wellness Committee at Roers is to provide our employees education, activities and events related to their personal wellness.  The committee focuses efforts on physical, mental and emotional health.  Some of the areas of focus include:  on-going wellness initiatives, disease prevention, substance usage, weight management, and stress related causes and outcomes. 

Give & Grow

Roers is proud to be an active part of the communities in which our employees live and work. We believe in building success and strive to make the community and our company competitive and vibrant through giving back and giving often, to both our community and our employees. 

employee spotlight

new hires

Justin Mann

roers construction


foreman (concrete crew)

Katlyn Haugrud

roers managment


marketing intern

Jeffrey Billings

roers west


carpenter I

Jacob Levin

roers west


project engineer

Jose Guevara Soto

roers construction


Carpenter I

Nic Braun

roers west


carpenter i

Cristofer Arteaga-Huntado

roers construction


carpenter i

Michael Larrabee

roers west


construction laborer ii

years of service

Lois Eid

roers construction


10 years with roers

Al Sondrol

roers construction


25 years with roers

Alex Rubick

roers construction


5 years with roers

Avery Foell

roers construction


5 years with roers

Employee interview

Jenna Abraham

marketing property specialist

roers management

get to know her:

1. Introduce yourself (Name, Title, and Length of Time with Roers):

-My name is Jenna Abraham and I am the Marketing Property Specialist for Fargo and Dickinson for the residential properties. I will be working for Roers a year in March!

2. What does a day in your role entail?

  1. Working with leasing team on vacancies such as advertising them online via social media and Google
  2. planning, organizing and executing events/giveaways for the properties in Fargo and Dickinson
  3. Managing Fargo and Dickinson’s Facebook and Instagram

3. What is your favorite core value and why?

– I would say Opportunity right now. With the changes coming up with the residential properties in Fargo, there is always something new to learn and be apart of.

4. What is a fun fact about you outside of work?

– I enjoy reading, last year I read 71 books! I also enjoy spending time with my family, friends and my dog.

5. Last but not least, what is your favorite part of your position or working for Roers?

– The ability to work with people from different areas of the company! I also enjoy when the events at the properties are very successful, and we receive good feedback from the residents about them. 

Q1 peer recognition award winners

Darron Bible

roers property management


maintenance technician

Darron as he has been a great addition to the maintenance team here in Fargo. He has years of experience in maintenance issues and is very detailed and knowledgeable in all the work orders he does. The communication he does is exactly what this team needs!

Alex Nielson

Roers Construction



Alex has stepped up in the safety area these past few months. It was recently noticed that he has been taking a new employee under his wing and coaching them in safe practices for finish work. Alex wears his PPE before being asked to and ensures others have theirs on as well.

Dylan Bruner

roers construction


project engineer

Dylan is the future of Roers; he works hard and cares about his job, others, and the company. He has the "whatever it takes" attitude. If he walks by an issue he will fix it or get someone on it right away, shows up early and leaves late . He also is more than willing to step up and fill in for Devin when needed. 

DeEtte Goerger

roers construction



Dee has been working diligently behind the scenes in getting a new credit card system set up (which has had a few challenges) and then she has also worked 1:1 with Superintendents and others so they can learn the new system and to be able to put it into action. Change usually comes with challenges, but it also brings new opportunities for better efficiency.

ring the bell

If you heard some cow bell ringing lately, it is because of the celebration of new business roers has recently been awarded.


Brookings, SD

Rendezvous park

West Fargo, ND

Harwood Elementary Basketball Court

Harwood, ND

perficient Tower

Fargo, ND

Trinity Prairies West Activity Center

Dickinson, ND

Mott clinic renovation

Mott, ND


Check out how our employees have been living out our core values at work!


believe all possibilities are endless.


do the right thing.


keep learning


providing premier service.


give back & give often.


trust that long-term relationships matter.

Alexia- she is for opportunity she has really taken on more tasks on the RPMR side of things. Always asking for more and ways to improve. She has taken a great lead on the Dickinson team and the chance to work in Fargo for leasing has been a great opportunity for her to jump into!
Mataya has taken on a significant amount of workload and responsibility with the day-to-day accounting of so many of Roers main operating entities, along with all of Roers investment entities as well as 3rd party properties managed over the past year. Mataya has shown great passion to learn and grow within her own knowledge and skill set, but also taken it upon herself to make sure that the accounting and support is there for the operational teams if they have any questions or need assistance. Mataya has provided myself with a significant amount of comfort in training and teaching me the property management side, as well as the trust that I can instill in her to get the job done and done correctly. She is a great asset to the accounting team, property management team, and the entire entity as a whole.
You would think that Dickie has his PPE glued into position, as they are always on. He has been seen speaking safety to his coworkers and speaks up when hazards are present. It's truly a victory when an employee puts thought into safety instead of being complacent like Dickie does.
Matt has continued to strengthen himself. He recently took the opportunity to run and experience the Deadwood Half Marathon in June. GO Matt! We are cheering you on!
Community for Heidi! She is going above and beyond with give and grow and is participating in a United way volunteer group
The Fargo Shop Crew have been a huge help to the marketing team when we have random requests! Some examples are - they pick up big print job orders for us, help get banners on trailers and then on the job site, build sign frames and many other projects. We appreciate their help when we have random (and sometimes urgent) requests!

Stay tuned for next quarter's newsletter!