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Employee Communications


Good Evening, 

Hope everyone is getting ready for the Holiday Weekend (or in the property management world… June 1st Turnover)! 😊  

For those who had school age children or grandchildren…CONGRATS to ending(or almost ending) the school year. This year has been tough on the students, teachers, and the parents.  From students having to be online for parts of the year, having multiple quarantine situations, loss of sports or extraarticular activities, it’s been one heck of a ride. I know we have a few Roers employees that have Highschool seniors graduating…. Congrats to you and them.  

Covid Employee Update 

With the opportunity for a COVID vaccine so readily available to everyone now, Roers will be making the following changes to the COVID protocol for employees within the company:   

  • We will discontinue the daily sign and temperature checks
  • We will return to full capacity in break rooms, conference rooms, and job site trailers
  • We will continue to fog common space areas within offices and job trailers periodically and as needed

Regarding employees feeling ill: 

  • If the employee has COVID symptoms and has not received the COVID vaccine, they will need to quarantine, get tested, and return to work per our current policies
  • If the employee is feeling ill and has received the COVID vaccination, they should return to work upon feeling better, as our practice has always been.  

We still encourage the following: 

  • Showing respect for each other if employees or guests choose to wear a mask                                                                                                                                                                           If you have any specific questions to these policies please reach out to your supervisor or HR.  

As we look back at these last few months, we are so thankful for the employees that embraced our Covid policies and processes to help us keep our focus on our employees staying healthy and keeping our organization running.  THANK YOU, for helping us achieve that goal.  

As we go into summer, I know Leadership and the Marketing Team are excited to bring all our employees together this August for our Summer Company Picnic – August 12th and Roers All Company Meeting-  August 13th 

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend,  



The leadership team wanted to take a few minutes today to share some Covid Process updates. 

Throughout the past year while making decisions surrounding Covid, we have had two main goals:  1) Keeping our employees safe and 2) Keeping business open and operating. THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us accomplish these goals by following our processes and keeping good attitudes during a difficult year.  

 Vaccine Updates:

All Roers employees fall in the 1C Essential worker phase of vaccines. If you would like to get a vaccine, please click on the link below and fill out the form and they will send you an email with available appointment times.  We had employees fill this form out last Friday and they already have an appointment tomorrow. 

Fargo/Dickinson/Bismarck Main Offices/Job Sites Updates: 

  • With the Cass county mask mandate removed, and the ability to have access to vaccines, we will remove the mandate of having masks in our offices effective today.All employees are welcome to continue to wear them and our goal should continue to show respect and consideration to each other.   We also ask that all employees continue to practice social distancing.  This includes limiting the number of people in break rooms as well as conference rooms for a while longer.  
  • We will continue to have our sign in sheets and temperature checks for anyone entering our offices and work sites.  Masks will continue to be available to guests and visitors at the front desk and sites.
  • We will continue to do the extra cleaning and fogging of the common spaces once a week. 

RPM Properties Process Updates: 

  • Property Management teams, when entering a unit, we are requiring all employees to ask the resident(s) if they would prefer you to wear a mask before entering. If they request it, you are required to wear one in their home.
  • Leasing team, will ask prospects if they prefer that they wear a mask on their showing. If they request it, you are required to wear one while on the showing and meeting with them.
  • Property Events, when hosting an event, employees will continue to wear a mask at the event when social distancing practices can’t be maintained.
  • Team meetings will continue to be done via Teams or Zoom.

As always let us know if you have any questions. 


Happy Friday Roers Team, 


Hope everyone is enjoying the spring temperatures that we have been getting.  


The North Dakota Department of Health has moved its vaccination priority level to Phase 1C. In Phase 1C all our Roers employees qualify for a vaccine as essential workers.  


We have a great partnership with Thrifty White Pharmacy (Due to RPM C Leader Clyde Trautmann) as they are a tenant for us, and they have offered to help our employees GURANTEEED vaccine shots on the week of March 22-March 25th. 


We will be doing first come first serve to these 50 spots. Please follow the process to get one of these spots.  


How does this work? 

Click this link and answer these few questions and select the time preference you have, and then you will receive an email back from them with your information link to secure that appointment and what location to go. 


What about Roers Significant Others or Family Members? 

Thrifty white has held 50 spots for us in Fargo during this week, so we are able to offer these timeslots to significant others and family members. 


What information will I need to bring or be asked at my appointment? 

When Thrifty white sends you your confirmation link you will fill out your insurance information. They will not ask about health conditions or ask for verification of employment.  


I have to be on the jobsite or am scheduled to be at work at this time?  

Leadership has committed to giving you the opportunity to have access to these timeslots. Please communicate with your supervisor, but we are giving approval for employees to do appointments during these timeslots. Overall, your appointment should take 30 minutes or less. Employees will be paid for their time away from work.  


Do I have to get vaccinated? 

Absolutely not. We are offering this as an benefit to our employees, and it is optional.  


We don’t live or work in Fargo Currently?  

The good news is that if you live in Bismarck or Dickinson they have many more options of time slots daily. If you would like to set up an appointment click on this link: and there is a Covid sign up. They said they open up slots daily.  
If you work and live in the Bismarck and Dickinson area and would like Roers to help you set up an appointment, please email Lisa llombard at and she will help collect this information and will work with us to help find options for you.  


Let us know if you have any questions on this process or how we can help.  



Danielle Paulus 

Happy Tuesday Roers Team, 

Happy New Year to everyone and hope you had a safe and healthy holiday season. As we are now a few weeks into the new year we wanted to share a Covid-19 update. 

We are very thankful that our employees have been able to continue to follow our safety processes and keep our jobs and properties running. Since the new year has begun, we have only had one employee in quarantine…that is awesome progress! 

As we continue to keep focused on keeping our employees healthy and working, we will continue to follow the processes that keep us safe. It is very encouraging to see that ND residents are getting access to the Covid-19 vaccine. We are looking forward to seeing it rollout which will help us get back to larger gatherings, less restrictions, and the goal of keeping hospital capacity low and reducing the number of deaths.  

At Roers we will continue to wear masks, complete sign in procedures at all locations and limit larger groups. Currently the ND Restart Risk Level for all counties Roers operates in is Yellow. The recommendations below are in line with the ND Restart Guidelines. If you would like more information about the ND Restart Guidelines please visit: 

Updated Roers Guidelines and Processes: 

  1. Guests are allowed at office, sites, and properties
  • We will remove the no guest signage on front doors. Guests are allowed as long as safety protocols are followed.  (Check in, mask, social distancing etc)
  1. Employee In Person Meetings 
  • Group meetings can be held while keeping the ND Guidelines of 65% of occupancy of the room and all other Roers safety rules are followed
  • When hosting a meeting of more than 10 people, please get supervisor approval 
  • Maximum capacity of Roers Fargo Conference Rooms when social distancing and masks are worn: **Please remember to schedule            conference rooms ahead of time
  • Conference Room A:  6 people
  • Conference Room B:  3 people
  • Conference Room C:  2 people
  • Media Room:  25 people
  1. Events at Roers Managed Properties
  • In person events may happen when Covid-19 safety protocols are put into place.
  • Masks must be worn by employees at all times. 
  • Masks must be worn by residents/vendors/guests if they attend.
  • Limit food where they would need to gather and remove masks, but can have grab and go options. At this point we will not be having buffets. 
  • Cleaning Properly before and after events. 
  1. Air travel outside the United States
  • CDC has new guidelines in place beginning January 26, 2021
  • New guidelines dictate requirements to re-enter into the US by air
  • All air passengers arriving to the US from a foreign country to get tested for COVID-19 infection no more than 3 days before their flight departs and to provide proof of the negative result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 to the airline before boarding the flight.

As I mentioned earlier, this message is not that “Covid-19” is gone. We are working to find a balance of our “new normal” and keeping our employees healthy and able to work. We appreciate each of you helping us achieve that goal. 

As always if you have any questions regarding these updates, please feel free to contact me.  



Good Evening,

It’s hard to believe that December is already here.  I think all of us can agree, we are ready for 2021.  

Covid Updates: 

With the numbers in North Dakota rising these past few weeks we have also had rising positive cases at Roers.  We know many people are being affected with family members or friends testing positive, potentially needing hospitalization, and sadly deaths. Our thoughts and prayers go to our whole community as we battle this pandemic and please know at Roers we want to help be part of the solution to reduce the spread, hopefully get a vaccine out to the most vulnerable, and continue to move forward and out of this pandemic.  

Just this evening the CDC/North Dakota Department of Health made updates on quarantine processes and between HR and Leadership we plan to dig in to learn the new guidelines and educate every one appropriately. If you are currently in quarantine and this change affects you, HR and your supervisor will reach out to you.  

How can we work together to help us to continue to keep projects going and properties running during this time? 

  1. Wear your mask. I think we all know that this helps reduce the spread, but it also removes the need to quarantine if you do have a direct contact.  Even if you are returning to work after having Covid, we ask you to help others by continuing to wear a mask. 

***We have had multiple cases in the past month that due to wearing a mask, employees have been able to continue to work.  Thank you for following this process of wearing a mask. *** 

Unfortunately, we have also had a few cases where employees have not worn a mask with other employees and now we have employees that are quarantined for Direct Contact and cannot work. In some instances, a single positive test for a Roers employee has resulted in 3-5 team members to quarantine.  At present time, over 20% of our construction field staff is quarantined due to a positive test or close contact.  This is detrimental to our business and has a potential for serious health concerns for certain team members if we stay on this trend.  Please help Roers, your teammates, friends, and family by following all of our safety protocols.   

  1. No Gathering – Some of the things we don’t think about is driving in a car with another employee or going to lunch with a group of employees and that a mask needs to be on all the time for those situations to not trigger a quarantine direct contact.  Although we all enjoy gathering with coworkers, please keep this in mind as we are focusing on keeping each employee working and healthy. 
  1. Lead by Example – Each one of us is a leader at Roers. We need each one of us to lead by example and help follow all the guidelines and processes we have. Signing in, checking temp, extra cleanings, masks, staying home when sick… we all can be part of the solution. 

Federal Funding Changes – Effective 1/1/2021  

Since March, the federal government, through the Cares Act, has put programming (Paid Covid Sick Leave) in place to help support businesses when employees either cannot physically work or if/when employees are needed to care for loved ones due to Covid.  Unfortunately, this program is scheduled to end 12/31/2020.  We will continue to monitor any updates to this program and will communicate those to you if they occur.  However, it is important for us to recognize this assistance may go away.  Our number one goal has been to keep everyone safe while keeping our employees working and jobs/offices operating.  If this assistance discontinues as planned, it will be even more important that we all continue to follow socially distancing practices so all stay safe and healthy.   

We have asked supervisors to have follow up meetings and conversations with team members to make sure that each of understand and know the organizations expectations of following Covid Safety protocols.  

*Superintendents- Can you please print this communication out and post at Job Site. Want to make sure everyone receives. *

Please let us know if you have questions, comments or feedback.  



Good Evening Roers Team, 

Covid-19  Update 

We know that numbers continue to increase and then we are in the high-risk level for Cass County, Burleigh, and Stark. We know that this pandemic is affecting each one of our employees as we work hard to try and lower our numbers by following the advice of wearing a mask, no large group gatherings, and stay home when sick.  Thank you for continuing to keep a positive focus on what you can control and keeping business open. We are very thankful that all of our divisions have been able to continue going, whether its bidding new construction jobs, hitting leasing goals, working on new development opportunities, we want you to know Roers is working hard to keep new business and opportunities coming.  

One thing you may have seen circulating is that ND Department of Health gave guidance on what is approved for face coverings. Unfortunately, they updated this guidance after we handed our gaters, so this week you will be receiving a mask and lanyard for each employee.


We wanted to send out a communication to inform all employees about a transition in our IT department.  

Brian Rust, our IT Manager for the last ½ years, is ready to take the next steps toward retirement. I think we all knew it was coming when his wife, Kathy, started planning lots of trips, but we are sure thankful that we have had Brian on the team to help us succeed each day. 

How will the transition look? We will be doing a hybrid of increasing our utilization of a Third-Party Vendor who will ensure our network is operating for us and hiring an internal Roers employee.  Mark Frosaker (CFO) is leading this transition and he and Brian will be managing the new relationship we will have with the external vendor over the next few months. During that time, we will post for our internal position and look for talent in the marketplace. Brian has committed to help us work thru this transition successfully.  

I know all of us have experienced Brian’s willingness to help us get the technology we need, when we need it (sometimes we don’t even know we need it) and he is always willing to put employees needs first. Brian lives our core values of expertise, partnership, and experiences for our employees, properties, job sites, and even the Roers Ranch.  

We are so thankful for the service Brian has provided and will continue throughout this transition. 

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask myself or Mark.  



With the pandemic upending so many aspects of people’s lives – school, childcare, work, travel – it will probably come as no surprise to you that we will not be having our inperson Christmas Party and Annual Meeting. 

But with each challenge, comes and opportunity! The Marketing team has been working on lots of fun ideas to help us celebrate our employees during the holiday season. More to come…. 


We need your help though to bring some Holiday Cheer. We are collecting fun holiday recipes from our employees and their families to create a holiday recipe book. Please send your recipes to Katelyn Czichotzki by November 1st 


Have a great week, stay healthy! 

Afternoon Roers Team, 

It has been two weeks since Roers has implemented proactive steps to our offices, job sites, and properties.  

Do all of us love wearing masks, not meeting in large social groups or not having company events?!? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But it has been truly awesome to see most of our employees understand the importance and wear it with a positive attitude.  

A couple great examples to share with the group: 

  • “I believe that because of this process in the last two weeks we have had zero quarantines due to employee to employee direct contact”   
  • “At Roers West we have a smaller office, but we all have gotten into the practice of pulling up our mask even if we are just walking over to ask a quick question or running to the restroom, doesn’t take much effort and we all want to keep working”  
  • “I was getting my hair cut this week (in my mask of course) and my stylist mentioned that Roers had construction employees working at their business and all were wearing their masks and one said “I have no problem doing my part. 
  • “I had external customers come into the main office and they mentioned how impressed they were with the safety protocols we had set up to keep staff and them healthy and limiting their chances of direct exposure.”  

Today our leadership also wanted to put out a special THANK YOU to our front desk leader Sammy. We know that she is the front line that must help us encourage and support our check in processes, ask guests to sign in, and help keep our conference rooms. Sammy as done a great job of making sure we have enough PPE on hand (or will buy it when we need it) and shows respect to all of our guests and employees 

Are we at 100% participation? Not yet, and we encourage everyone to be a Roers team player and follow the process to help keep direct contact exposures down.  We do ask all employees to show Respect by not commenting about other’s masks, making jokes or insults. Many of our employees now have someone that has been affected by Covid, have had to be on quarantine (and it’s not fun), or been in the hospital. We are in this together – positive attitudes are appreciated so everyone can feel supported and safe. 

The most important thing leadership wanted to leave you with is…….. THANK YOU. Thank you to those who have kept positive attitudes and helped us try to grow a stronger Roers Community and keep our employees safe and healthy.  We care about each of you and know this is a stressful time right now for many families and we are thankful for all of you being a part of the team.  

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 


Good Morning 

With more and more cases of COVID-19 in North Dakota, we have decided to take additional steps to help keep our team, customers and residents safe.  As Governor Burgum stated last week  his press conferenceas a State we need to focus on two priorities: Keeping Children in School and Protecting the Vulnerable Population. 

In addition to those two priorities, we have a really big WHY at Roers to increase our safety protocols and we want to keep our team members safe and healthy while continuing to meet the expectations of our customers/residents. 


Current Risk Levels where we have employees, offices, or job sites per the ND Dept of Health 

  • Cass: Moved from Low to Moderate 
  • Stark: Moderate     *10% positivity rate and is on verge of High Risk 
  • Burleigh: Moderate    *Is on verge of high risk  

Since the COVID pandemic started, Roers has experienced 30 employees that have had to quarantine (some more than once) due to direct exposure/possible exposure and 5 positive cases with 1 hospitalization. 

Last week at Roers we have had multiple incidents where employees have been in direct contact with a positive case, by being within six feet for more than 15 minutes. When that happens, the employee is directed by ND Department of Health to quarantine for a full 14 days.  

Given the higher Risk Levels where we work and that the fact that we want to keep everyone safe and healthy.  Therefore, effective; today if you cannot maintain 6 ft distance or greater while on the job site or in the office, we expect you to wear your masks/face coverings.  This is already practiced in some of our divisions, but leadership has jointly come together to say as a Company we all need to take this proactive approach to help keep everyone safe and effectively serve our customers. 

Each employee will be provided two face coverings (neck gaiters) immediately. If you need an extra mask/face covering, please talk to your supervisor 


We will continue to encourage our employees and guests to use these guidelines: 

  • Wash your hands frequently.  
  • Perform daily temperature screenings and check in when you arrive at your worksite or office.  
  • Utilize technology (Zoom, Teams, Facetime) and eliminate in-person meetings as much as possible 
  • Wear masks/face coverings in public when social distancing is not possible. 
  • Avoid large gatherings and continue practicing physical distancing efforts. 
  • Utilize desk shields at offices that help limit face to face contact with external customers. 

 Last week we had two zoom calls with employees and here are some of the Questions and Answers we reviewed:  

If I’m working indoor in a common area or public space, do I have to wear a mask/face covering? 

If 6 ft physical distancing can be maintained, you are encouraged but not required to wear a mask/face covering. If 6 ft physical distancing cannot be maintained, you are required to wear a mask/face covering.  


If I’m just walking outside or through a common area, public space or hallway do I have to wear a mask/face covering? 

Unless you are certain 6 ft physical distancing can be maintained, regardless of being inside or outside, you are required to wear a mask/face covering. 

How do we social distance in the break room and conference rooms at the office? 

We have marked spots so that employees can use those areas and be socially distanced.  

At this point we are going to eliminate the “formal” break in the breakroom to help limit groups.  We are not taking breaks away from anyone, just not having people gather as they might typically do. 


When riding in a vehicle  or equipment  with someone else, do I have to wear a mask/face covering? 

Yes, enclosed vehicles and equipment are just like being indoors and it is impractical to maintain 6 ft distancing from drivers and others. 


When don’t I need to wear a mask/face covering? 

  • While outdoors, when 6 ft physical distancing even just in passing can be maintained. 
  • When working in own office with door closed. 
  • If an accommodation is necessary as indicated by a health provider, and written documentation has been provided to Human Resources, Roers will provide an interactive dialogue with those employees on a case by case basis.   

Thank you for your support and participation in following all our safety guidelines to help us keep our employees safe and at work.  


Danielle Paulus 

Good Afternoon Roers Team, 

It is hard to believe that we are in full swing of August and the school year is just around the corner. We hope everyone is enjoying all this nice weather we have been having.  

Good News: 

Things have been busy at Roers in all the divisions and we want to make sure we are sharing what is happening around the company.  

  • Roers West pulled in another job last week.  DSU Pulver Hall remodel is $3.5 Million and will start October 1, 2020 
  • Roers Property Management (with the help of lots of Roers employees across the divisions) accomplished college turnover with using Covid-19 precautions. They completed over 400 turns! 
  • Our own Controller, Angie Berntson, got married over the weekend… Congratulations to Mrs. Angie Weinberg! 


As active Covid-19 cases have increased, our team has been focused on finding ways to keep our team safe and productive. Thank you to everyone who is focused on controlling what we can; washing our hands frequently, temperature testing, social distancing when possible, and wearing a mask when you cannot social distance.  

We know that the K-12 Back to School plans have been varied throughout North Dakota and Minnesota and our employees are being affected in different ways. We understand all of us are going into this school year knowing that flexibility and grace are going to be needed for all schools, teachers and parents. Our hope is that all students can get back into schools as quickly as possible. As we have mentioned during this Covid-19 pandemic, please reach out to your supervisor if you have any concerns or needs regarding back to school. 

Roers Chili Feed goes Virtual 

We wanted to share we will be publicly announcing next week that our Roers Chili feed will be moving to a Virtual Donation Campaign. We have had a few sponsors step up to help us create a match and we will be partnering with Legends Bar in Moorhead for Chili Coupons for those that donate!  One other change is that moving forward Keller Williams will support the event in a different way verses being a Host Sponsor. As the event has grown and we now have our own real estate division we decided it made sense. Leadership from both sides support this decision and are thankful for the partnership over the years.  

There will be lots of details coming but the overall goal is to continue to raise dollars for programs in our community. We are excited that by using our core values of opportunity and partnership we can help build a stronger community! 

 Thank you to everyone’s hard work this summer to keeping Roers moving forward each day. 

As always let us know if you have any questions! 


Good Afternoon, 

Before we get into the fun stuff take a second to look at all the awesome 4th of July photography we got at our current job site. Thanks to everyone who helped put those together.

When we started these communications back in March, I would have never guessed we would still be sending out Covid-19 updates. But as we are learning during this, sometimes you just have to go with the flow. 

As cases have trended up in North Dakota, our team has done a great job of staying as safe and as ND Smart as we can. From check-ins at our offices and job sites, socially distancing on zoom when possible, wearing face coverings at our properties during turnover, our team is doing all the right things. Thank you for that. 


Minnesota Update 

Last week, Minnesota Governor Walz shared that as of July 25, 2020, per Executive Order 20-81, people in Minnesota are required to wear a face covering in all public indoor spaces and businesses, unless alone.  Additionally, workers are required to wear a face covering when working outdoors in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained. If you want access to all the details on the MN Department of Health click here: 

How does this affect our staff  

Currently we only have a few job sites that are in Minnesota. At those job sites we will be following the requirements and continuing with the safety first approach. We have provided each employee with a face covering for when they are unable to work apart from someone six feet. David/Shane will be reaching out to all our subcontractors on these jobs to make sure we share our process moving forward. We understand that we have employees who are unable or have issues with wearing a mask. We encourage you to talk to your supervisor and let’s make sure we work through any obstacles.

NDSU Turnover 

As most of you know we do a mass turnover in college apartments during the last week of July. We have been asked what we are doing to make it safe for our staff, new residents, and their parents.  The plan implemented includes our staff and vendors wearing face coverings, limited check in attendance, electronic move ins when possible, and continuous cleaning of our spaces. Our Covid-19 resident page has been updated with all those details: 

Schools Opening 

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or know a child…everyone is anxiously awaiting to see how schools will open safely. We know this is an emotionally stressful situation not knowing what the fall will look like. I think we can all say with confidence we want our students and teachers to be back in the classroom safely.  One of our core values is helping build stronger communities and we understand that children are a big part of our community. For now, we are motivating each of us to give the school boards patience and grace as they navigate this and as an organization we will work hard to help the transition for all our employees. 

As always please reach out with any questions or comments.  


Good Afternoon, 

As we look at the weather heading into the 4th weekend, we are excited for the opportunity for everyone to get out and enjoy family time and celebrate this great holiday. 

A couple Roers updates that we would like to share with everyone: 

Company Events 

We will not be doing a summer picnic this year but look for more information as we are starting to plan an Employee Grill out in the fall. A few people have asked if we will still have a winter Christmas party and we know that large events are uncertain right now and things can change, but our hope is that in December we will be able to come together.  

We have been asked about what the plans are for the 11th Annual Roers Chili Feed. We have been in communication with United Way and we know that this year event will look a lot different then it usually does. Bringing 1000 people into our shop is just not something that makes sense this year, but we do plan on finding a way to help United Way make up the dollars that we usually fundraise as we know programs and needs will be even more important during this pandemic.  


Wayne Schmaltz – Wayne joined Roers back in 2012 and has been a vital part of our organization. We are so thankful for the wisdom and guidance he has provided over the years. Although Wayne’s last official date with our organization is July 3rd, you will still see him in his office from time to time as he is working on special project assignments for Jim. After many times of asking, Wayne has asked us to refrain from a celebration right now but please make sure you grab a glass of wine or beer and cheers him virtually for all the great things he has done for our organization.  

Jan Simonsen- Jan started at Roers in 2002 and has been through lots of changes throughout the years with Roers. Jan has helped in numerous accounting roles during her time here and we all came to know and appreciate her willingness to be the “mail keeper” to protect all our confidential documents that would come through. We are excited for Jan as she enters her retirement on July 16th and we are thankful for everything she has done for us the past 19 years.   


All though we have not been sending as many communications out regarding the pandemic, our leadership team continues to keep it in the forefront. We are thankful that our employees have been thoughtful and safe during this time and we know that keeping our organization safe and productive is key to getting through this. Thank you to each of you that have continued to inform your supervisor and HR when situations arise, we have been able to work through them.  

We will continue to challenge ourselves on the new processes (sign in, temp testing, limiting big groups) to help reduce the spread which in turn will help our community to function. We recognize that other cities are having big flare ups, and we do not want to take for granted how lucky North Dakota has been in case count.  

As always if you have any feedback, comments, or concerns please let us know.  

From all of the leadership team, we hope you have a safe and fun 4th of July Holiday!  

Good Afternoon,  

With a planned protest set for Friday at 1:30 pm at City Hall, we have been advised by City Officials to take proactive measures to make sure our construction sites are set to have limited risk if anything would happen. The City has shared with us that the event organizers are wanting a peaceful demonstration, but unfortunately, there are threats from other groups of riots, violence, and destruction. 


This morning we had a zoom call with the East Project Managers, Superintendents, and leadership. Rick Roers has been working with each site to make sure we have all safety and precautionary measures in place, and we feel we have a good plan.  

We are being extra prepared at our Newman Center/View Site as this would be our most “vulnerable” construction site with a large wood structure and not far from downtown.  

Proactive Measures our Team is Taking: 

  • Working with site to clean up any debris, extra equipment, materials etc. 
  • We will be requiring all employees and subcontractors to be off the site at 12pm on Friday for the rest of the day. 
  • We have hired a vendor to do security detail during the protest and thru the night until Saturday morning and will be in continued communication with Roers. 
  • Brian will make sure all cameras are working.  
  • We are potentially adding lighting to the project if needed. 
  • Communicating with adjacent neighbors about our extra safety measures. 

A majority of our employees are done working at 12 pm due to starting at 7 am, so they will be done working prior to the protest starting. We don’t see needing to adjust anyone’s work schedule at this time. Lindsey Fischer will be the lead on determining if staff at the property management sites need to change their work schedules on Friday afternoon. 

Things we ask of each of you on Friday as employees of Roers:  

  • Leave the construction job site for the weekend and please do not hang around or come back. We want your safety first and do not want any protests escalated. 
  • If you see anything that is illegal, call 911 and let the authorities take care of it from there. 
  • It is never justified to use deadly force to protect our sites.  

Again, please do not go downtown or to our sites during these potential riot times. We believe these are trained professionals that are looking to cause fights, looting, and elevate anger and violence.

What is Roers Plan if Anything Happens: 

  • Rick Roers has prepared a vehicle of supplies for our clients if anyone gets broken windows, etc. we will be ready to help (example US bank). 
  • We have started putting a list together of employees that are willing to come work on Saturday if cleanup needs to happen.  
  • Leadership is committed to keeping everyone updated. 

Our belief is we are just being proactive, and this will all be just good practice on securing a job site safely.   

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call, email or text. Stay safe! 


Danielle Paulus