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Bremer Bank Remodel Focuses on Community

Bremer Bank on 45th Street in Fargo recently underwent a major makeover. Roers is proud to have completed the construction on this very modern looking customer focused financial institution. One of the main goals for this building was to not just modernize the facility but to implement new design concepts to help better serve the Fargo community. This new remodel includes three openings cut-in the second floor with a beautiful glass railing and a self-supporting staircase. allowing the building to look more modern and open.

We visited with both Josh Meyer, Vice President-Facilities Manager for Bremer and Tyler Miller, Roers Project Manager, to get some insights on this the goals of this project.

Keeping Customers Happy

Here’s some information from Josh from Bremer:

Q – With changes in banking over the years with online, etc. how will this remodel help connect you to customers and in-branch traffic?

A – Digital adoption continues to be a major force in financial services, which we are investing in. In addition to digital tools, we still view our physical locations as a key component in serving our customers and communities. This remodel created spaces for all different types of interactions and adds spaces we can offer to organizations in our community.

Q – What are some key highlights from Bremer’s standpoint during the construction phase?

A – The bank remained open to serve customers throughout the entire project, this was key as this location completes a high volume of transactions. We also opened large bays between the floors to connect visually and with a very prominent staircase at the center of the bank.

Partnership Formed Even During Covid

Next, Tyler from Roers talks about the project from the construction side. Even though the majority of the project took place during Covid, Bremer and Roers were able to stay on task.

Q – How did Covid change the project – timeline, floor plans, and other areas?

A – Covid did not have as huge of impact on this project as it may have affected other projects. With that being said, we still had some of our materials, (mainly our cabinetry) that had delays due to their plants getting hit with some cases of the virus. Overall, we were very thankful to keep the project on track with slight Covid related issues.

Q – Were there extra security precautions taken on this project due it being a financial institution?

A – Yes, extra security was taken. With the bank staying in operation, their security system was running throughout the project. If we were going to be working early/late we had to schedule that with Bremer to make sure they had their security system set to the correct setting. Bremer always had to be aware when us or any of our subcontractors were going to be on-site.

We invite you to check out the project in person at Bremer on 45th Street.  For more detail on this project and other Roers projects please visit our Project page online.