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Pies Pies Pies

The Roers team was feeling grateful, thankful, and blessed this Holiday season! And we wanted to spread it around our community. We delivered over 500 pies total between Fargo, Dickinson, and Bismarck during the week of Thanksgiving. That’s a lot of pies!

Give a Pie, Get a Pie

For the past few years, Roers Property Management has been partnering with Starion Bank and Village Inn to do “Give a Pie, Get a Pie” at our Metropolitan Apartments in Fargo. This year, we decided to do it at our SGC Apartments as well! Residents are able to fill out a form and choose what flavor of pie they would like to have for themselves and they are also able to choose a flavor of pie they would like to give to someone else for the Holidays. Once we get the forms in, we deliver the pies! The best part is, Dale from Starion helped us deliver!



Pies for our clients, partners, & vendors

Roers has always done a Christmas gift to the people we work close with throughout the year. However, we had the idea to switch things up this year and do a Thanksgiving gift instead. And what’s a better gift during Thanksgiving than a pie?! So we put in a very large order of pies at Costco, order some Roers cutting boards, and wrapped them together to make a cute little Thanksgiving gift of pie!

The Roers leadership team all came together and delivered pies all around our community. We even had deliveries in Dickinson and Bismarck! To say we love pie is an understatement….


Employee Pie Party

Not only did we want to express how thankful we were for our clients, vendors, & partners… we also wanted to show our employees how thankful we are for them and all the hard work they do for Roers!

We invited all of our employees to the Fargo Office to enjoy some apple cider, some fresh pumpkin pie, and to take a pie home to enjoy with their friends and family over Thanksgiving! It was an afternoon filled with great people, great conversation, and really great pie.


Thanks to everyone who helped with these fun events and thanks to everyone who works with Roers and made this event possible! We are so thankful, so grateful, and so blessed. We are wishing you all a very Happy Holidays!