The View on University Apartments Study Rooms: Define your success.

By: Christen Joy

As we get closer to the construction completion of The View on University Apartments, I am getting more pumped to move into the space and share all the beautiful common spaces the property has to offer.

In 2020 we learned that you must learn to work and play at HOME, so let’s give you a sneak peek of the study rooms that can be used in endless ways. From studying for a big test, to jumping on a Zoom call with friends across the country, we have you covered.


In our building we have five study rooms that range from small to large. These spaces are designed for one person curling up with a book, hosting a group, or a Zoom call with friends to cram for an exam. They feature comfortable soft seating options or chair and table sets. You choose the space that fits you best based on your mood or the number of people you need to host. Beyond just a room with a tables and chairs, the welcoming decor will motivate and uplift your mood, bringing a smile to your face. The study rooms feature shiplap walls and wallpaper and fun irreverent artwork to make quiet time alone more comfortable, and group projects feel less like work and more like building pride in teamwork and accomplishment.


  • Large Study Rooms located on 2nd and 3rd floors
  • Medium Study Room located on 4th floor
  • Small Study Room located on 2nd, 3rd and 4th
  • Relaxing environment
  • White boards
  • Comfy seating
  • Flexible space to do your best work.

In upcoming blogs, I will be previewing the design of our pet spa, The Bark Room. You and your pets are going to love it!

Till Next Time, 

Christen Joy

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*Roers is still in the planning phases and some selections may change.

Pulver Hall Renovation – Preserving Roosevelt’s Legacy

One of Roers current projects is the remodel of Pulver Hall in Dickinson, ND, located in the heart of Dickinson State University. When the building was originally built in 1967, it was a men’s dormitory.  For the past 30 years it has served as one of the state’s office building. The main reason for the remodel is to provide a permanent home for the University’s Theodore Roosevelt Center (TRC).  The TRC is dedicated to preserving the legacy of President Roosevelt.  Having a permanent home at Pulver Hall affords TRC the opportunity to hold meetings, like their annual Theodore Roosevelt Symposium, feature exhibits, create a home for their digital library and digitizing office, and house their research library.

History In The Making Floor by Floor

The first floor will be home to the research library and exhibit area with approximately 1,500 square feet of display area. The first floor will be decorated to reflect the historical period in which Roosevelt lived and will be based on rooms in his own past residence. This exhibit space will help to give guests a glimpse into the life of Theodore Roosevelt and his connection to and love of western North Dakota.

The second floor will house the TRC offices. The third floor offers additional meeting and classroom space for the university, as well as a recording and broadcasting studio.

Individual offices and a small apartment for visiting scholars will make up the fourth floor.  The top two floors will feature upgraded residence hall rooms for approximately 66 Dickinson State University students.

Insight on the Center

The Theodore Roosevelt Center and the digital library project require the contributions of skilled, experienced professions with the desire to preserve this exceptional history. We visited with one of these highly dedicated individuals about the vision of this project. Clay Jenkins, a Theodore Roosevelt Humanities Scholar, is helping shape the direction of this project. He provided some insight on the project and the hopes for the future.

Q – When the museum opens, what can visitors expect?

The first exhibit will feature original prints from the Edward S. Curtis Collection. Roosevelt praised Curtis on his photographs as he said they were the beginning to assimilate into broader culture of the US. 

Q – What are some unique features this project will entail?

We are working on recreating the reading room from Roosevelt’s home at Sagamore Hill. The heavy masculine feeling of the room will be filled with leather, statues and animal trophies. The fireplace will help tie in the spirit and aesthetics from Roosevelt’s room.

Q – When is the opening date for museum?

We are hoping for August 2021. The main goad is for the museum to be built in confidence, we want it to be done right and to truly reflect Roosevelt’s life.

Q – About how many employees will be working at the digital library?

There will be two full time staff members. Once the museum is open, they hope to have interns join the team.

Q – What is one thing you hope guests will enjoy and remember when they visit?

When visitors walk in, we want them to notice every aspect of Theodore Roosevelt life. With the plans that we have in place for truly exquisite replicas of Theodore’s reading room, fireplace, and other plans for renditions of his cabin, we hope to have visitors come through the doors and feel wowed.

Jenkins, commented the project has been going smoothly, “Working with the Roers team and JLG, the architects on the project, has been an amazingly satisfying partnership.”

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The View On University Apartments The Three Seasons & Rooftop: Life is short. Enjoy the view.

By: Christen Joy 

Today with the warmer weather in the air, I am excited to share some of our outdoor spaces at The View on University I know the Roers team is counting down the days till they can have residents and friends enjoy these awesome amenities 


Whether there’s the first sign of green grass poking through melted snow or the first snowflake in the air – The Three Seasons is where you’ll enjoy the outdoors from spring into late fall. With a cozy double-sided fireplace and several heaters to keep you warm, you’ll find seating options for just about every wish from gathering friends to quiet alone time. There’s no better place to cozy up with your morning coffee or to enjoy a sunset before heading to dinner. Stay in for any event and watch the indoor/outdoor TV with plenty of space to invite friends over.  

Head over to The Rooftop  – an area for unobstructed views with a clear glass railing system — and no roof. This is the spot to prep your delicious burgers and throw them on the grill. Your friends can sit, sip, and talk with you while you grill at the large island in the outdoor kitchen.  

You can enjoy the burgers at the bar top or grab another spot depending on whether you want views of what’s happening around campus or more comfy seating to chill. Either way – The View On University has it! In the mood for a game? Challenge friends to a game of bags — it’s just one of many to choose from.  

The Three Season and The Rooftop give you the space to live large! Expansive yet secluded with mature shade trees, singing birds and warm summer breezes make both the perfect spots for an afternoon nap or place to relax or catch some rays. These comfort retreats are sure to be another favorite that The View On University has in its amazing list of amenities to enjoy. 


  • Located on the 5th floor adjacent to the Three Seasons room 
  • Grill 
  • Multiple table and chairs 
  • Gaming area/Bean bags 
  • Exceptional view 


  • Located on the 5th Floor between The Clubhouse and The Rooftop  
  • Available spring through late fall 
  • Fireplace 
  • Multiple areas to sit with groups or to relax alone 

I hope you enjoyed these awesome “views” and look forward to sharing our next common spaces The Study Rooms in the next blog.  

Till Next Time,   

Christen Joy  

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*Roers is still in the planning phases and some selections may change.