Homes For Heroes Program at Roers

Have you heard of our Homes for Heroes program? Homes for Heroes is a special program designated to provide our local heroes a benefit when they purchase a home.

This program is for Firefighters/EMS, Law Enforcement, Military (active, reserves and veterans), Healthcare Professionals and Teachers. On average, heroes are able to save over $2,400 when they buy, sell or refinance a home using this program. Roers Real Estate is happy to offer this incredible program.

Whether buying or selling,  those who qualify will have the chance to receive a Hero Rewards Check (amount varies, depending on purchase price). Once this check has been received, the recipient is welcome to use it toward whatever you would like. 

Want to hear the best part about Homes for Heroes? Every time a hero uses this program, they help other heroes in need. A portion of Homes for Heroes earnings is donated to the Homes for Heroes Foundation. This is a non-profit organization which awards Hero Grants to local nonprofit charities serving heroes in need.

“Buying a home is a big deal and you should make sure you have an agent who is going to work for you and understand your wants and needs,” commented Anne Kallhoff, Realtor with Roers Real Estate.  “Homes for Heroes is a great program Roers is able to take part in and help our Heroes through the buying and selling process but also helping them save money.”

If you are interested in this program or have real estate questions, please contact Anne Kallhoff

Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day at Roers

We are thrilled to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day on April 21, 2021. This is a day that we recognize special employees in various departments at Roers. We  want them to know we appreciate them the other 364 days of the year as well. We are excited to share some details about each of them, what others at Roers enjoy and appreciate about them and how they live our core values. Enjoy getting to know the Administrative Professionals at Roers!

Lisa Aman  

Lisa has been with Roers over eight years in multiple service roles, but most currently focused on overseeing payroll and helping in our Human Resources department. Lisa is a go to person for employees with questions, and she always takes time to help answer and help! We are so thankful for Lisa’s detail and service to the team! 

  • What’s your favorite sweet treat? Ice Cream (Cold Stone preferably) 
  • If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go? No specific place, just somewhere to relax, enjoy and sightsee. 
  • What’s your favorite thing about working at Roers? There are many, one is not more important than the other as they all play an important role.  Relationships with Coworkers that are built, the learning experiences and insight to better myself in my position, support from peers, flexibility. I could go on but think this is a good start 

What others at Roers say about Lisa Aman:  

In one word describe Lisa:  Dedicated

What Core Value do you see Lisa use daily:  Partnership 

Why we love having Lisa at Roers:  She is thorough in her work, willing to help others and  creates a friendly environment with her sense of humor.  

Jeanne Warner   

Jeanne has been with Roers over 11 years helping keep our payables and receivables in line and providing a premier service to our team each day. Jeanne gives 110% each day, and her laugh is the best! 

  • What’s your favorite sweet treat? Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Candy Bar 
  • If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go? Ireland 
  • What’s your favorite thing about working at Roers? The people 

What Others at Roers Say about Jeanne: 

In one word describe Jeanne:  Diligent.  

What Core Value do you see Jeanne use daily:  Jeanne uses many of our core values on a daily basis.  Her  willingness to keep a partnership between accounting and our property  management  team is fabulous. Each month she helps keep us hitting our goals and keeping  timely and accurate  reports.  

Why we love having Jeanne at Roers: Jean is seriously awesome. Our team has come to love and respect  her work and hopefully earn a “Golden Star” from her each month! 

Debbie Buelow

Debbie has been at Roers two years and brings her positive attitude and kind personality each  day! Debbie helps support the property management division with her detail and  administrative skills that help the team provide a premier experience to our residents, team,  and our owners. From handling maintenance reports, taking tenant payments, and supporting  Clyde and Lindsey she does it all! 

  • What’s your favorite sweet treat? Chocolate covered cake donut 
  • If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go? Australia 
  • What’s your favorite thing about working at Roers? The people, but my # 1 thing I love is that awhile back when asked what I am grateful for I said # 1 is God and it is nice to be able to express my faith. Not all companies would allow that. 

What others at Roers say about Debbie:

In one word describe Debbie:  Cheerful 

What Core Value do you see Debbie use daily:   Partnership! She is always willing to help  anyone on our team in any way to help get a job accomplished. Always willing to pitch in  and be a part of  the team! 

Why we love having Debbie at Roers: She brings a cheerful, positive energy to your day! She is  anxious  to help and willing to learn if she doesn’t know how.  Debbie is a team player and pitches in to help take  tasks off others plates. She joins in on company events and really fits the Roers culture. 

Sammi Foell 

Sammi has been with us about four years and she is the first face you see when you walk into our Fargo Office. Sammi strives to make everyone feel welcome and is always willing to help our team succeed. From being our point person for walk in traffic to answering everyone phone call with a welcoming voice…she is the best! 

  • What’s your favorite sweet treat? Mint chocolate chip dip n dots 
  • If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go? Aulani Disney Resort
  • What’s your favorite thing about working at Roers? The friendship with employees and even with the Subcontractors/visitors. Having an understanding/awesome boss. And able to come to work with a smile and enjoy my day! 

What others at Roers say about Sammi:

In one word describe Sammi:   Friendly 

What Core Value do you see Sammi use daily:  Experiences – she provides premier service to co- workers, vendors and guests 

Why we love having Sammi at Roers: She helps create a friendly workplace and does an  excellent job at assisting anyone that calls or comes into the office.   

Dee Goerger 

Dee has been with Roers over eight years and we are so thankful for her. Dee spends her days keeping our construction payables and receivables on time and any extra time she has she keeps our construction guys in line! Each day she brings her positive attitude to the office to help support our overall mission of building success each day.  

  • What’s your favorite sweet treat?  There are so many!!  I would have to say cookies, chocolate chip or sugar cookies are the bomb!!
  • If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go?  Nashville since I never made it there last for my birthday (thanks COVID) and Hawaii!!
  • What’s your favorite thing about working at Roers? the PEOPLE, they are the best!!!

What others at Roers say about Dee:

In one word describe Dee: Energetic 

What Core Value do you see Dee use daily: Expertise – Dee uses her knowledge of our  organization and the accounting function on a daily basis when interacting with coworkers,  subcontractors and suppliers. She’s truly a pivotal part of our organization. 

Why we love having Dee at Roers:  Dee is great at what she does and has fun while doing it! 

Lois Eid  

Lois has been with Roers for seven years, and each day we love having her. Lois comes in each morning bright and early to support our contract management process. Her detail and  knowledge is amazing and she is always keeping us protected from potential issues and  focused on having accurate and timely contracts and documents.  

  • What’s your favorite sweet treat? My favorite sweet treat is Dove’s dark chocolate squares. 
  • If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go? My favorite vacation spot would be a house/cabin in a warm climate with a lake for the dogs to go swimming and the humans to go paddle boarding/kayaking that is close to hiking trails.   It would need to be a bit secluded for our troops! 
  • What’s your favorite thing about working at Roers? My favorite thing about working at Roers is that I feel I make a difference in the success of each project. 

What others at Roers say about Lois Eid: 

In one word describe Lois:  Detailed 

What Core Value do you see Lois use daily: Respect & Expertise – she understands how  important her role is in protecting the  company from unnecessary legal issues.  Her attention  to detail and contract knowledge is  impeccable and she frequently brings concerns to  leadership to highlight potential problems on  contracts.  Lois is also very respectful of  people’s time and politely asks “for a minute whenever  you have time”.   

Why we love having Lois: For those that don’t know Lois very well, they might think she is just a quiet hard worker and is great at what she does….But, once you get to know her  and she is comfortable with you, she is absolutely hilarious.  Her subtle jokes and sarcasm are so  fun and make for a great work environment.  Also, I don’t know what I would do if I went a  whole week without seeing a Batman-themed folder sitting on my desk.  Her unique personality  coupled with her knowledge of the field makes it really easy to come to work everyday.  I don’t  know what we would do without Lois. 

Mataya Heisler  

Mataya joined the team in the summer of 2020. She joined the team when things were kind of crazy with Covid and some software changes but she hasn’t let that stop her. She has dug right in and keeps the payables and receivables accurate. Mataya is a team player and we are glad she is part of our team. 

  • What is your favorite sweet treat?  Dark Chocolate 
  • If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go?   Norway 
  • What’s your favorite thing about working at Roers?  The genuine, caring individuals that see you for who you are and the flexibility and warm atmosphere. 

 What others at Roers say about Mataya:  

In one word describe Mataya:    Efficient! 

What Core Value do you see Mataya use daily:   Partnership with everyone on her immediate team and with others.  She also is very respectful of others and their experience, points of view, etc.   

Why we love having Mataya at Roers:   She is friendly, fun to work with, and her ability to answer questions and figure things out is very helpful. 

Lisa Lombard

Lisa just joined the team this year and has jumped right in. Taking on the role of supporting the Dickinson office Lisa is helping build relationships with our employees, subcontractors, and our visitors out west. We are thankful for her willingness to be part of the team and we look forward to many years to come. 

  • What is your favorite sweet treat? My absolute favorite sweet treat is a German Chocolate cake with coconut/pecan frosting.  
  • If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go? The top of my dream vacation list is:  A family trip to Italy (Switzerland and Norway round out the top 3)   
  • What’s your favorite thing about working at Roers?  The support I’ve received from co-workers  to make me feel comfortable & confident in my new position. I am learning what I need to know  to do my job effectively and become a vital part of the Roers team.  I appreciate that so much! 

What others at Roers say about Lisa Lombard: 

In one word describe Lisa:   Caring 

What Core Value do you see Lisa use daily: Partnership 

Why we love having Lisa at Roers:  Lisa asks questions to get things right and once she knows  she will  run with it!  She is very helpful to all of us.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day from the Roers Team!

The View On University Apartments Clubhouse: Escape the Day to Day

By: Christen Joy

The View is in full construction mode, and I am here to give you a sneak peek into one of our first common spaces The Clubhouse.  


You walk into The Clubhouse on the 5th floor and are greeted by impossible to ignore large windows that feel like a big city high rise. The spectacular views are hard to beat. After the stunning views you’ll notice your surroundings when your eye is drawn to pops of intentional colors balanced with walls shiplapped to high vaulted ceiling and gorgeous hardwood-inspired floors in a perfect shade to balance any color.

The Clubhouse features a kitchen area that is home to an oversized custom island lined with comfortable stools and a brass foot rail for relaxed comfort. A cook top and an oven are ready for cooking classes or hosting friends. The beverage fridge is the perfect size to store items as you prep. The space comes to life with larger-than-life artwork that’s full of personality, joy, and laughter.

As you gaze over, you’ll see ample seating with a bench over 20’ long layered in comfortable pillows with three large tables eager for you to join. Push the tables together for a large gathering or keep them separate for personalized groups. Either way – you have space to host any event you want. Plus, your guests won’t stop raving about the views, the vibe and the warmth in this space – it’s absolutely stunning framed in beautiful dark brass. Picture perfect!

Of course, you don’t need to entertain to enjoy this space. You can flop down on the large sectional or cozy swivels. The TV is there to watch and the double-sided fireplace is ready to be lit. The cherry on top in this space? I can’t decide if it’s the stair-stepped custom fireplace surround or the 48” chandelier 

Be warned however, someone may challenge you to a game if you sit too close to the wall-mounted scrabble board. The 5-foot wide by 4-foot-tall board could have you itching to school your friends with your mad spelling bee skills. Not your thing? Head to the shuffleboard or ping pong table. You’re sure to find a way to connect with your community at The View On University.


  • Located on the 5th Floor adjacent to The Three Seasons
  • Open year-round
  • Fireplace
  • Pool table
  • Multiple areas to sit with groups or to relax alone

We hope you enjoyed seeing the look and feel of The Clubhouse and all it will offer for residents at The View On University. In my next post, we will be previewing the common spaces of The Rooftop.

Till Next Time, 

Christen Joy

Follow Christen Joy for ongoing updates on this project and more – Instagram and Facebook  or online at 

*Roers is still in the planning phases and some selections may change.

Checking in on the Sheyenne Senior Housing Project

The Sheyenne Senior Housing project in West Fargo, ND, is making a great addition of needed senior housing in Cass County. We visited with both Dalton Olson, Roers Project Manager, and Derek Johnson, Deputy Director of Housing Authority of Cass County to get the latest scoop on how the project is coming along. The project is on track to open in June of 2021.

Here are some updates from Dalton:

Q – How many units per phase?

A – Two Buildings Monterey and Brighton Place. Monterey has 40 and Brighton has 45.

Q – What is a highlight so far on this project?

A – A highlight of working on this project has been seeing how exciting the owners and developers are when walking through the buildings, Each other week we have a walk through where they are expressing how excited they are to have this be their new home.

Q – What kind of amenities will a resident receive while living here?

A – Some amenities will be: heated ground level parking, two Community rooms, two elevators, wellness and exercise room.

Next, we met up with Derek to provide perspective from the Housing Authority of Cass County:

Q – Some of the common areas are the community room and the community entertainment room. How do you go about keeping the seniors safe (COVID-19) in those areas?

A – We are constantly monitoring a variety of local, state, and federal guidelines regarding COVID-19 and will make decisions about use of these common areas based on guidelines at that time. We have a number of gathering areas throughout the building that are well-ventilated and allow for social distancing.

Q – What will this project mean for housing for seniors?

A – For seniors living primarily on Social Security, the financial impact will be immense. Residents will pay 30% of their adjusted gross income in rent, and the remainder is subsidized by the Housing Authority through the Section 8 program.

Q – Can you talk about the partnership thus far with Roers and the Housing Authority of Cass County?

A – Roers has been great to work with through the process. The management team is responsive to our inquiries and provides great updates and communication to us regarding the progress.

Keep up to date on the progresses at .