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The View On University Apartments “The Bark Club” Pet Spa: Because your Pet Deserves Luxury.

By: Christen Joy 

The warmer weather is here and the Roers team is in full swing of construction over at The View On University Apartments. It has been fun to see prospective residents coming to the site for Hard Hat Tours and watching the Roers leasing team fill up the building. If you haven’t stopped over to talk with Roers about making this property your home… hurry up and give them a call! 

One of my favorite rooms to design was the 5th Floor Pet Spa and I can’t wait to give you a sneak peek.   


We knew that this space needed a fabulous name, and so we got creative and even came up with our own logo. We believe your pet only deserves the best, and so why not have its own club… The Bark Club.  


If your first greeter on floor five has a wagging tail, you’re at The Bark Club — dog spa! Yes, The View On University hasit’sown dog spabecause the complex is pet-friendly. How’s that for convenient?! At The Bark Club your pup gets to choose from two large tubs for his or her luxurious bubble bath.These tubs fit any size pooch and no worries about that sure to happen‘shake off’post bath as the wallsareup to the task because they are lined in white subwayliketile. After thesoakand shake, simply head over to the dryer stands for ablowout.Andwe thought ofeverything for you and your bestiefaux green grassfor any bathroom needs. Truly a space made to support you and your pets so they can live their best lifewet nose to wagging tail. 

The Bark Club Summary 

  • Located on the 5th Floor 
  • Multiple Dog Washing Stations 
  • Safe Drying Area 
  • Pet Relief Area 

We hope you enjoyed learning about The Bark Club and we cannot wait for all our new residents and their pets to enjoy the space. Next time, we will share details about The View On University’s fitness space. 

Till Next Time,  

Christen Joy 

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